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2013-05-27 不老單車騎士

posted May 31, 2013, 10:29 AM by Web Master   [ updated Jun 2, 2013, 7:34 PM ]
上週末從 Vancouver 騎腳踏車往 Seattle. 全程二日半及約280k. 附上在終點 Space Needle下的留念照及與同學們分享竊喜的心情.

  1. know your bike, know how to change flat tires & gear/break adjustments
  2. know your body, know your limit and potential, tired legs are part of the fun
  3. know your mind, ride with your mind and not your legs
  4. study maps, study 先賢's routes and find bike trails and secondary highways, scenic drives, points of interest
  5. ride with better riders for motivation
  6. ride with lesser riders for self-assurance
  7. bring only the essentials & be able to carry them all in your backpack,
  8. be prepared to get lost
  9. expect lots of pleasant & a bit of unpleasant surprises
  10. reward yourself with a cold beer at dinner time
Practice or regular rides should be 80-100k.  It is actually not a big deal. Thousands or more had completed this trip.

田榮先問有冇俾老婆鬧,答案是:有!!每次出遊都要付出慘重的家庭及經濟代價,二日半短遊加$150食宿後,被迫簽下不平等條約 : 六月要坐遊輪, 七月要去台灣。

如你見報我登上 Mt Everest, 代表我被"妻休"!

David Sze
May 27, 2013