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2009-09-01 Dinner Gathering with Chow Man Shan

posted Sep 14, 2009, 9:26 PM by Web Master   [ updated Sep 15, 2009, 6:32 PM ]




陳堅倫從卡加里移居溫哥華年餘,閒談間像有點人到中年的空巢寂寞感,說整天就在等同學們打電話給他,我打趣問要否把電話公告出來,他竟立刻叫好;認識不認識他的,都請行行好吧:陳堅倫 Kenny 604-733-2812,電郵 。


大家都知道施大衛是馬拉松健將,全馬保持在3小時45分的佳績。這晚看見周文山的身形,與大衛一般鋼條,原來也是努力keep fit。他倆相約翌晨跑步健身,大家可從照片中看看他倆的好身形。向文山兄討教健身之道,他傳來資料,問他可否與眾友分享,他說:

Certainly!  I would love to see all my classmates to stay healthy and see them in the 50th & 60th class reunions.


I had a wonderful times during our dinner gathering in Richmond last week.  Hope that I could visit B.C. sooner next time.

Attached are the photos with David.  We ran for about 35 minutes around Queen Elizabeth Park, then he took me back to Richmond to have breakfast – HK style.  I love those hot coffer/tea with plenty of milk.

Attached is also a Carbohydrate listing.  Try to write down what you eat on every meal in two weeks.  60 grams for breakfast, 45 grams for lunch/ dinner and 30 grams for snack between meals.  After two weeks, you should be able to mentally control your portions.  Below are some base rules to follow:

I stick with the eating habits and lost 30 pounds over three years (it works slowly).  Hope that this will work for you too.  It had been said that to lose weight – 80% dieting and 20% exercises.

Take care,
Chow Man Shan (September 8, 2009)


A Few Rules That I Have Follow on Eating:

  1. Never, ever over-eat.
  2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Count your intake of Carbohydrates (Carbs) by reading your food labels.
  4. Limit each meal (breakfast, 60, lunch, 45, and dinner, 45), and eat small snack (prefer fruits) between meals.  In the beginning, write down total carbs intake per meal for two weeks (refer to the 15 gram Carbs listing).  After that, you can mentally control the portion of food intake.
  5. Front load your eating early in the day while you are active.  Breakfast is your most import meal.
  6. Avoid eating late or over-eat at dinner.  Food that cannot be consumed by your body from late dinner will turn into fat while you are sleeping.
  7. Eat less but eat frequently.  Fuel your body with food as needed.
  8. Drink “light beer”, much less Carbs.  Most of them are less than 6 carbs per 12 oz.
  9. Cut out regular soda.  They are loaded with sugar and carbs.  One 12 oz. Can – 34 carbs. Drink “diet” soda instead.
  10. Cut back on rice (1/3 cup – 15 carbs.), bread (one slice – 15 carbs.) and other enriched white flour food.  Switch to wheat products.
  11. You can eat sweets and ice cream, but eat smaller portion.
  12. Exercise frequently, 3-4 times a week, and 15-20 minutes each time.  Walking is a great exercise.  Put your iPod on and walking a few blocks in your neighborhood, after a few songs, you are done for the day.